Session 2

There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing.

In the bloody wake of their arrival in the subterranean desert chamber, the party scouts the immediate area encountering a booby-trapped stash of desert survival equipment and another of the scattered tainted in the form of an axe-wielding orc with a penchant for blood-lust topped only by love of fine pastries. Upon magical interrogation of the spirit of a dead sand priest, the part learns that the band that attacked them was dispatched at the behest of a Algash Dawnchaser.

The desert offered no mercy in any direction and the party eventually agreed to schlep off in the direction of the nearest desert city; a five-day journey across dune and scrub. Multiple times the party was beset upon by myriad desert creatures ranging from mildly harrowing to blindingly terrifying. Fire Salamanders, a Brass Dragon, a Balor Greater Daemon, and an Elder Blue Dragon were all subdued by the honed steel and eldritch wrath of The Dark Lord’s tainted.

Upon arrival to the city of Quintaris, some of the party elects to attempt to track down the lair of the slain dragon. With the assistance of the local Bard’s guild the party made its way to a home in town containing what seemed amount to some sort of eldritch equivalent of Alfred from Batman and the twin girls from The Shining. The whole thing ended in more or less a clusterfuck and no significant plot advances where made along that axis.



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