Session 1

The Comet's Fall

In late fall, the world witnessed the passing of an unscheduled comet. Those who had served the Dark Lord saw his symbol (a gauntleted fist crushing a serpent) appear on the Western horizon.

The party made their respective ways to Ortina, a small fishing village on the westernmost part of the continent, where they encountered Lanzar Sandcaster, and made plans to depart for Ather’s Gate.

The party booked passage on an orcish ship and headed west, traveling for a week they were able to locate the comet. The party retrieved the comet from the ocean floor, and once it was aboard the ship, Sandcaster teleported the party, minus himself, to an enclosed stone room with one door to a stairwell leading up.

The party ascended the stairwell, and encountered a party of Quentarii elves who attacked them, and were defeated.



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