The following is an incomplete (I’m still working on it) list of major factions.

The Dark Brotherhood – The International Assassin’s Guild. The Dark Brotherhood has existed for as long as anyone can remember, its overall orientation is LN, and many nations and noble houses have accepted the Dark Brotherhood as a fact of life. The Dark Brotherhood has 3 laws which must be upheld:

  1. If a target defeats his would-be assassin, the contract is ended.
  2. Assassinations must be as swift as possible, torture is not permitted.
  3. Revealing one’s membership in the Dark Brotherhood is punishable by death.

The Not-So-Dark Brotherhood – An international association of bards and fools, and recently of art patrons who feel that even in the darkest times, laughter, music and art must continue.

The Throne of Vines – A loose association of medicine men in the Gronjar jungle who oppose the encroachment of civilization into the jungle. The Throne of Vines is rumored to have knowledge of unheard-of poisons that can keep a man in agony for years before finally rendering him completely inert but not dead. Members of the Throne of Vines must renounce material wealth, and bathe in the waters of Lake Shanshana annually.

The Shining Crusade – the remnants of the original Shining Crusade, an organization of goodly-aligned priests and paladins who defeated the Dark Lord’s armies at the Battle of the Western Pass. Following the war, many of the Crusade’s members went back to their normal vocations, but a group of core members remains. The remaining members have devoted themselves to hunting down the Tainted and other servants (and would-be servants) of the Dark Lord.

The Quentarii – The native people of the Tenashil Desert, they are divided into loosely associated tribes and familial groups, each of which is lead by a Headman or Headwoman.


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