The Tainted

The Mark of the Tainted
The Mark of the Tainted

The Tainted are the direct minions of the Dark Lord, and as such they have received a portion of his power, which has the following universal effects:

  • Prolonged Life
  • Enhanced Strength, Stamina, etc.
  • The Tainted’s circulatory system is permanently turned black, when in solitude only the area around the heart is visibly black, but when in the presence of the Dark Lord or his High Priest, the amount of visibly black circulatory tissue increases.

In addition, the Dark Lord grants a boon to each of his servants during the Tainting.

Complete list of known Tainted:

Lanzar Sandcaster – Tainted Quentarii Sandpriest, an older elf with thick leathery skin, and hair beginning to show the first signs of graying.
Haldir the Blade – Spymaster, a deceitful halfling with a large jagged scar across the left side of his face.
Tuatha Elkano – Financier, a stout young dwarf with a thick black beard, previously a member of the Banking Clan, and the Smithing Guild.
Shislan Erudaha – Loremaster, an attractive female half-drow, presently a member of the faculty at Brekkenhausen Academy in Aragash.

Marcus Shieldsmasher – High General, a brilliant tactician and fierce warrior, a human man of about 40 years, one suspects that he is only in prison because he chooses to be.
Talon Rhadd – Self-described ‘Finder’, half-elf female with ties to the Dark Brotherhood, part assassin, part dungeon-crawler.
Shalar the Mad – Necromancer, an enigmatic troll who babbles about dark forces and unseen secrets.

Drakkar Heartseeker – Cavalry General, a gray-skinned half-orc from a tribe of cannibals in the South Sea, presumed drowned during the initial assault on Jagged Peak Harbor.
Allan Murkblood – Regional Governor of Throne of Jade, a Tiefling Wizard who served as one of the Dark Lord’s emissaries prior to his appointment as Regional Governor, executed by the Shining Crusade.
Bormok the Bloody – Regional Governor of the Throne of Sands, orc overchieftan who united multiple tribes to swell the Dark Lord’s ranks, prior to his appointment as Regional Governor, executed by the Shining Crusdae.
Nartel Nightsong – Honeypot, female elf assassin, employed by the Dark Lord during his campaign against the Throne of Jade, slain by Mattias Stonecrusher after her attempts to seduce him failed.
Stiehl – The Dark Lord’s Champion, a huge man by all accounts, his body and armor bear the scars or multiple trips to the arena, last seen marching from Westgate during the Battle of the Western Pass.
Vellis Lightbane – Blackguard, an angry dwarf with a short black beard, formerly a Paladin of the Throne of Stone, assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood outside Riverwalk.
Mag’nal – Master Poisoner, a wizened old troll with ties to the Throne of Vines, executed by the Shining Crusade.
Brokob Altara – Master Crafter, a wild-looking Gnome who crafted magical arms and items for the Dark Lord and his armies, slain during the siege of Frostholme.

The Tainted

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